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Save money with energy-efficient outdoor LED light fixtures and transform your outdoor spaces.The most public display of the efficacy and sheer intelligence of Cree Lighting solutions is the high-profile 24/7 world of landscape and exterior lighting. Discover our outdoor lighting products today.
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OSQP Bollard Bronze

OSQ Series

Pathway & Bollard
Lumen Output: 1,440 - 2,830 L
Wattage: 11 - 22 W
OSQ Series Wall Mount

OSQ Series

Wall Mount
Lumen Output: 1,860 - 8,600 L
Wattage: 16 - 58 W
Intelligent Control:
RUL-C Series

RUL Series

Street & Roadway
Lumen Output: 3,150 - 9,275 L
Wattage: 21 - 60 W
Intelligent Control:
NEMA 3-Pin

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